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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheap 16 x 2 Blue LCD from China

I was browsing the EEV Blog Forum and there was a question from btipton

"I've got a few hobbyist-type projects that would be nice to have LCD displays on, but I've always been turned off by how much cost it would add. I looked on eBay today, however, and saw this $1 per display seems *really* cheap, even compared to other eBay stores - is there something I'm missing? At this price, I'd probably order 30 or so just to make sure I'd always have an LCD handy."

I had been looking for LCD for a time and decided to risk a few bucks and order them. I ordered 10 at $3.49 each, if you look down the page they stating

"As there are weight and cubage restrictions on international order, we are unable to offer you any discount or combined shipping for multiple items. All items are shipped separately. There is no local pickup service, no third party shipping carrier will be used.
Listings with shipping and handling charge: the charge covers mailing, packing, warehouse and distribution costs, not postage only."

My guess is that there trying to get around some tax or customs, but for $3.49 is a good deal compared to the $15.00 I'm currently getting them for.

It seem to have a good customer service after a couple of days I got an email back saying that the Post was shut down for Chinese New Year (DOE!) but all ten arrived in about 2 weeks. all individually wrapped see photo below.

You can see the video posted below, to see it working.