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Sunday, March 13, 2011

PCB design Old School Style

Hello everyone. I'm back after a couple of weeks having a bad cold. Arrg it's the season, everyone is sick. Well this weeks video is on PCB design Old School Style. Yep Just paper pencil and some sharpie and you too can make PCB at home or at work. It's kind of a dying art, designing it by hand without the aid of computer design software. When was a boy we didn't have computers so all of our design work was paper and pen, I still occasionally do this method for simple single layer deisgns. There is just something about connecting with your design, actually touching it and creating with your hands. With my current designs I don't even touch anything until the PCB is done and out of the milling machine and even then I just move it to a pick and place machine. Boy times have changed. Here are the Vid's enjoy.

Here are the still images on the PCB, I didn't mention that the second time around drawing on the PCB with the sharpie I use the template (just the holes not the body) to neaten things up.