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Thursday, April 7, 2011

555 Timer Easter Egg? - Over Easy!

This is my video response to the 555 Timer Easter Egg by Dave Jones over at the EEVBLOG. I'm not toally sure how Dave got his to oscillate but my circuit is not. I've tried all sorts, used battery power reduced the voltage down way below spec, used different scope/probes, changes chips, but still can't duplicate Dave's problem. I've also had my whole senior class breadboard this circuit and all ten of them where fine, no oscillation. I'm at a loss on how to duplicate this. Check out the video, I have some other ideas what it might be. If you want to see me build the circuit check out Video 7 "Breadboarding - Pass the Flour?

Chip Info
LM555CN National JR34AD
7555IN NXP 9E1K410 UnG946D
LM555CN Fairchild K233