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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breadboard Power Supply

Here is a great addition to you bread boarding tools, a breadboard power supply. This is a follow up on my video on how to breadboard.

This plugs directly into a standard breadboard and proved power on the rails on each side. Can be adjusted from 1.3V to 15V DC. This is a great first project, infact this is the first project our incoming 9th Grade students build.

Compact Linear Breadboard Power Supply

This project details the design of a adjustable power supply. A good power supply is essential to electronic projects. While there are many existing designs for adjustable power supplies, this one makes improvements that make it more useful for hobby designs

* LM317 regulator has guaranteed 1.25A output
* 1.25V Dropout Voltage
* Short circuit and overheating protection
* Input diode to protect circuitry from negative voltages or AC power supplies.
* 2.1mm DC jack voltage inputs
* Two indicator LEDs for high and low voltages
* Onboard pot for adjusting voltage from 1.25V up 20V
* Heat sink