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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OCCED7000 is DONE!!

Finally back after a couple months of course work for a masters degree, thanks Professor Alicata great course, hope to have you again in another course.

Well anyway back into electronics here is a project I think is number one piece of equipment you should build a Triple Power Supply bench top laboratory grade supply. There are plenty of kits out there for the beginner, if your more advanced you can build your own from scratch. I would recommend LINEAR 5 Volt at a couple of amps and dual +/- 15 Volt at about 1 or 2 amps at most. This will cover about 99% of the items you breadboard up and test. Below are some pictures


25 turn potentiometers, to get in fine voltages

Heat sink are part of copper substrate (about 2 sq inches under chip)

Added AL heat-sink (not pictured)

PM128-E meter, enhanced pm128 with common ground feature so I can tap off the 5 volts to power
the LCD display instead of using a 9 volt battery like in the regular pm-128's

+/- 0-15 Volts (LM317,LM337) and fixed 5V (LM7805)

Two big filter caps 1500uF at 100 Volt

four heavy 6 amp rectifier diodes (way more than I need)

This is an old version a current version we are going to use next school year is an arduino based display, our old display PM-128E cost about $20 and only displays one voltage at a time. With and arduino based screen we will have 20X4 Blue LCD display all three voltages at the same time and all three current outputs and at less cost about $5 to $10. The display first displays a splash screen with the student name and year of grad and email for 10 second on start up then displays this:

SSVT TPS Model 101