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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pneumatic Antenna Launcher

Hello all again, here is a project I did some time ago. A Pneumatic Antenna Launcher, a bit of CAUTION! treat this like a firearm, you can recived major injury if not used properly. SAFETY FIRST!

On to the videos, a list of parts are located at the bottom of this form.

Parts List
3" End Cap
3" PVC pipe (12"Long)
3" to 2" Adaptor
2" to 1.5" Adaptor
1.5" to 1.25 " Adaptor
1.25" to 1" Adaptor
1" PVC pipe (two of them 2" Long)
1" Threaded to 1" Pipe Adaptor (two of them)
Sprinkler Valve 1" Threaded
Metal Schrader Valve (auto store)
1"to 1.25 Adaptor
1.25" coupler
1.25" Pipe (24" Long)

Batteries (24V)
Switch Toggle (safety)
Switch Push Button (fire)

LM555 One Shot trigger (3 Second pulse)

UPDATE: here are some shots of the finished version