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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Florescent Light Upgrade In The Lab

Hi All,
Decided to place a light above my lab work bench, after doing some research on what type of light LED, Florescent or halogen I came across Ben Krasnow site explaining the difference between T12, T5 and T8 bulbs and efficiency vs light output, see video below.

I already had a bad cheap T12 "shop light" with a bad ballast that burnt out a few months ago, I know I'm a pack rat. Bought a ballast and two t8 bulbs at Home Depot GE232 -120RES-DIY Stock number 71037 for $14.99 and two GE F32T8 SP41ECO 4100K around 5 bucks.

The wiring was a bit different than the old ballast, just follow the drawing on the new ballast, bi pin are the same.




Best of all there no annoying hum and it's very, very bright located about 24 inches from the bench surface. Double the light output at half the current of my old T12's! Great projects for a newbie!