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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Generator Project

Hi bloggers, sorry I havent posted in a while I've been working on a new project with a gasoline generator, after problems with the power and NStar, decided to get a used back up generator. As an added bonus I can go boon docking at my local state forest. got the genset for about half retail, just needed so elbow gresse a new spark plug, stop valve, and some misc. hardware. I also restorde the quick connect gas tank a nice feature with this generator, video posted below

Here is the link for the panel back-feed safety lock http://www.nooutage.com/interlock_squared.htm

Genesis ARS to Sponsor General Classes at Jordan Hospital of Plymouth

The Genesis Amateur Radio Society, in cooperation with Jordan Hospital will conduct a General license class culminating in a volunteer exam testing session in November, 2011. The class sessions will be held at Jordan Hospital:

Friday, November 11, 2011 6:30-9:30 PM - Boynton Room
Saturday, November 12, 2011 9:30-6:30 PM - Scarzi Room
Sunday, November 26, 2011 9 AM-6 PM - Funkhouser Room B

The third class date includes a test session from 3-6 PM. Walk-ins for the exams ONLY are allowed from 3-3:30 PM.

While not mandatory, it is recommended that candidates participate in all three classes. Registration is required due to limited seating (10).

To register, visit www.genesisars.org and email the completed registration form to education.registration@genesisars.org.

Class participants must have a copy of the ARRL General Q&A Manual and, optionally, the ARRL General License Manual. A fee of $15.00 is required for the ARRL VEC-sponsored examination.

For questions, including obtaining the course material, please email: Joe Reynolds at ka1gdq at gmail dot com or call 508.296.3622 (voice mail) or 774.222.2542 (mobile); Chris Johnson, n1ir at arrl dot net.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in the instruction of the class and VE’s to. If you are interested, please contact Chris Johnson, N1IR, Genesis ARS Education Officer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

maker faire

Ever wonder what is the maker faire? What is this Arduino thing I keep hearing about? What does autism have in common with science fair? Listen to this MP3 clip taken from “Off the hook with Emanuel Goldstein” WBAI New York September 7, 2011 99.5 FM you can download the full episode at 2600.com

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well I'm back after 4 days with out power. Below is a video of my set-up during Irene and power loss aftermath. In this post I will visit lessons learned and what to do next time here at home.

The emergency plan set-up HITS:

* Jayco 213 Trailer Camper, our life boat. Propane fired hot water, fridge, furnace and range/oven (manual pilot)

* After losing power power I transferred all the food to our camper fridge that is propane fired. However with no generator we lost all the food in our deep freezer after the third day.

* (2) 80 Amp hour battery, ran all the radios, auto-patch for the EOC's for (2) days with out recharge. Had 20M,10M,2M,440CM and scanner radio working.

* Filled fresh water 32 gallon tank two days before storm, water lasted (4) people two day before refilling, in case town water shut off or bad water.

* Auxiliary Anderson power Pole port in Honda Civic Trunk, this provided a way to charge/run Batteries

* Inverter 350 Watt and 140 Watt, Inverter ran TV/DVD and cable telephone PBX / Internet modem

* 10 gallons of gas on hand, power was out for days and the fuel pumps where not working

* Plenty of 9V,AA,AAA,C and D Batteries and flash lights

* Tons of food and water

* 600 Lbs of propane plus (4) 20Lbs Tanks, look into a way to connect trailer into big tank.

The emergency plan set-up MISSES:

* No hotwater in main house (electric water heater), However had hot water in camper, Look into propane hot water heater upon upcoming replacement.

* Generator to run at least the house lights and or deep freezer and or furnace during winter.

* Fast battery charger, when charging from the car the voltage wasn't high enough to quick charge the lead acid (14.4V) look into inverter / 20 amp battery charger combo

* A way to pull up the car closer to the radio shack, currently using 50 foot 12AWG extension cord for 12 volts some serious loss!

* printer that works on USB and smaller power than my laser printer, had to print out a couple of things but the laser printer took too much power

* Cordless phones need power! Look into corded ones and swap them in during storm.

* bigger battery in cable phone PBX, ran ok with inverter but can hack a bigger battery in 4.8AH lasted two days, Also power up WIFI and cable modem.

* could not light oven, electric pilot (used camper oven)