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Friday, October 28, 2011

Greeting all,

For this blog I'm reviewing the Spark Fun Electronics Bench Top Power Supply. Overall this a a great kit for the beginner in electronics or robotics, it breaks out your common voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V and -12V Let start off with the classic hits:

High quality PCB easy to solder.
Reuse of box as enclosure
24 pin ATX connector (Digikey P/N WM21362-ND). newer ATX supplies!
Standoff and hardware, nice touch
Fused outputs
LED power indicator

Now for the Misses:

Where is the wire to connect the binding posts? None included?
Okay quality binding post, not the worst I've seen but okay.
Could use a picture of fuse clip orientation, it was confusing to my students.
Need to move pads over a bit for binding post wire connection, they are very close to nut and could short to ground (this happened to one of my students)

Items I changed from the original.

no points taken for these items but may want to consider for next design.

Used different colors for different voltages.
Fuse in a weird position (moved fuses to under side of board)

Newer design

Stay tuned.....in the next few weeks when I redesign this and add some other features such as an adjustable plus and minis voltage using the LM317 and LM337. Also a redesign for a single sided PCB, this will make it easier for use to make with our T-Tech Milling machine.