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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicago Electric 800 Watt Generator

Here are some sound intensity test of the Chicago Electric 800 Watt Generator.

SDR si4735 Sparkfun Shield

Hello all,
I'm finally done with all my courses, woo hoo now I can play with some of my stuff I've been putting off.

This video we take a look at the si4735 Sparkfun Shield, Overall I'm really impressed. Once I got the bugs worked out (Wprogram.h see below)

"While I was trying to compile the example sketches on the arduindo IDE 1.0 I got a missing Wprogram.h file referenced in the gameduino cpp code, some googling found the solution. In Arduino 1.0 IDE the file was renamed to Arduino.h so rename the header file WProgram.h in the XXXX.cpp to Arduino.h to fix the problem. The compiling was successful and I enjoyed the Gameduino examples live on the Uno. Regards Luc De pauw htpp://vintagegamer.wordpress.com"

So here is a basic setup, instead of concentrating on FM, like other videos. I also setup the AM and SW. I'm a bit disappointed with the SW and AM receive sensitivity. I had a 20 meter dipole 30 feet up and got some signal but not as much I thought I would have compared to my ICOM IC-718. But it's an easy fix, just add a RF amp to the front end.