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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

KB1EVY Satellite Weather Station

 "Don't Turn It On - Take It Apart" Quote: Dave Jones @ eevblog.com

Thanks to John, KB1EVY for donating a Weather Station that otherwise would of ended up in the trash. With my Seniors we did a reverse engineering of both receivers made around the late 90's date stamp on the IC's. Lesson on PLL's, Linear Supplies , Tuner module, shielding techniques, down converting, geo sync satellites, RF microwave spectrum, Intermediate Frequency, SA602 mixer, etc.

There were even a pressure sensor (0-5V Output) and humidity sensor (0-1V Output) we got up and running with the arduino. The pressure sensor was interesting because it had an ICL7660 CMOS Voltage Converter that took the +12VDC and switched it to -12VDC to power the opamp. Basically with one supply the chip converted it in to a bipolar supply, of course with some current limits. But an interesting way to power an opamp that needed +/- voltage


 Humidity sensor
  Humidity sensor

 Honeywell Pressure Sensor  0 to 15 PSI

 Humidity sensor with Arduino / LCD in background

Yep everything was put back together for the next group :)