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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Here is a spin off of the old 80's game simon. This one uses a PIC16F84 some donated switches with internal LED's, donated speakers and donated resistors. Thanks Sager Electronics, Massa Technology and Dynisco.

We have been using this project for many years but discontinued it because of cost, but thanks for our wonderful component donations we were able to start building this project again.

The original code and design was from Andrew D. Vassallo
at http://www.piclist.com/techref/piclist/simon/index.htm?key=PIClist
here is the HEX code I compiled with MPASM
ASM CODE (Originality from Andrew D. Vassallo)

Programmed the chip using our new Wellon VP-590 universal programmer firmware version 16, yes version 16! When I got it out of the box this morning it only had version 4 and was bricking my ATMEGA328P's but version 16 solved this. Works with Windows 8 just use the 64 bit Wellon software on the web site.

SCHEMATIC (gEDA) Click here to download


SIMON PCB (TRAXMAKER) Click here to download  Yep still using traxmaker / circuitmaker 2000 (AKA Protel, AKA Cadence, AKA Altium)
running on Ubuntu 12 with Wine. If it is not broke don't fix it, will run on muti-platform Windows 95 to 8 and Linux. This is the great, great grandfather of the current Altium Designer.

IT'S WORKING!!! (Hard Mode)


We used the T-Tech 5000 PCB Mill