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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New O-Scope in the shop

Order 2 new O-Scopes GW INSTEK GDS1052-U. Initial test were great, bandwidth was much better than the published 50Mhz, got up to 100Mhz before dropping out. Better than our old GDS-2062 that only got 10 MHz above the maxim bandwidth before dropping out. The screen is much sharper and there is less noise at the floor of the newer scope Price was $299, cheaper than the older GDS-2062 at $899.

So far I'm very impressed, Cheaper, Better measured specs and smaller to boot. I also liked the mechanical on/off switch, the only down side is the sampling rate is lower at 250M Sa/s but for our use it does not matter to much.

Screen Comparison

Noise Floor (same settings)

 70 MHz Signal
 100 Mhz Signal

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