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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Don't cheap out on your receptacles

Just replaced an receptacle outlet in my brother in-laws house, one of the $0.50. Lesson learned don't use cheap outlets, spend the extra couple of bucks for a seymour or name brand receptacle, this was on a GFCI branch as well and never triped.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Echolink Microphone Interface (Kenwood MC-58)

Hello all, I was using Echolink and my PC headset mic failed so I wired up a Kenwood MC-58 to have more of a radio feel to Echolink. I'm using Echolink via WINE on Ubuntu 12.

Here is the schematic,

I used the CTS line on the RS-232 (yes my new PC still has a hard-wire RS-232, you can still get them on Lenovo) I haven’t tried a USB to 232 converter but it should work in windows, wine in Linux doesn’t support them. The only thing I wish was a way to force RTS high via echolink, this would eliminate the need for a battery.

PIC of the setup



5 V from USB port, I tried this too much noise, tons of noise over mic

V+ from Mic port, voltage to low only 2.5V could not trip CTS pin all the time.

Yeasu Mic (MH-45), for some reason they use a transistor output on PTT line ???

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Phase angles in RLC circuit who is ELI the ICE man?

Here is a video I shot on how to solve phase angles in RLC for the EXTRA amateur radio exam.




Thursday, August 8, 2013

Modding the FIOS Motorla DCT700/US for Remote IR

Hello All,

Just upgraded from Comcast to FIOS. Unfortunately the Motorla DCT700 STB (set-top-box) does not have a remote IR receiver, so we are going to mod the STB to accept a hard-wire remote IR receiver.

Here is the original Comcast STB, notice the IR in

Here is the FIOS STB (Motorla DCT700)

The MOD is pretty easy we are just putting another IR receiver module in parallel with the original, here is the IR Receiver data sheet for the Motorla DCT700

Labeled V32238 aka TSOP32238

Here is the mod

Green wire = Ground = Shield
Blue wire = +VS = Tip
Orange = Data pin = Ring
Carrier Frequency 38 Khz


Or you can make your own cable at radio shack.


There is a already small hole for the wires, I can just go in and remove everything when returning the STB.