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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Echolink Microphone Interface (Kenwood MC-58)

Hello all, I was using Echolink and my PC headset mic failed so I wired up a Kenwood MC-58 to have more of a radio feel to Echolink. I'm using Echolink via WINE on Ubuntu 12.

Here is the schematic,

I used the CTS line on the RS-232 (yes my new PC still has a hard-wire RS-232, you can still get them on Lenovo) I haven’t tried a USB to 232 converter but it should work in windows, wine in Linux doesn’t support them. The only thing I wish was a way to force RTS high via echolink, this would eliminate the need for a battery.

PIC of the setup



5 V from USB port, I tried this too much noise, tons of noise over mic

V+ from Mic port, voltage to low only 2.5V could not trip CTS pin all the time.

Yeasu Mic (MH-45), for some reason they use a transistor output on PTT line ???