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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day Shoot Out

Had some extra time before T-Day Dinner so I designed and bread boarded some circuits. Remember all of those LM324 we got donated, here are a few new projects for my students.

Here is a Freezer Alarm Circuit that uses a thermistor, a simple comparator. Tested and protoboard, PCB comming soon!

Alien Warbot, Scoots around with a vibrating motor when a IR signal from a remote is received. Tested and protoboard, PCB comming soon!

Laser Target, Hit the target with a laser pointer and an alarm beeps. Hook it up to a solid state relay and turn on a light.Tested and protoboard, PCB comming soon!

Simple Temperature Alarm / Controller, for cooling or heating. Tested and protoboard, PCB comming soon!

I also tried out software called Fritzing, tried it with a simple arduino project. It was pretty intuitive but the PCB had something to be desired, very limited options on trace size. I use 80  mil for all traces and the max was 48 mil.

Unfortuanlly I only had four hours to to this, all of the circuits work and were prototyped and worked, but the PCB will have to wait until another day.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Replacement Project, Musical PIC PART 3

Here is the PCB design

Below is a video of the competed project playing Zelda RTTL (Ring Tone Transfer Language)