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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I've got the Power!! cue music from SNAP.

Testing out a new power inverter, 2.5 KW / 5KW peak. Some notes on this set-up I used a single group 24 Marine Battery.  I got this set-up to power my furnace in-case of power outage, they are frequent in my neighbourhood (old lines) and for quiet operation a night, I have neighbours close by and didn't want to start a generator in the middle of the night, plus I have a couple of solar panels to charge the batts so a gen-set might not be needed.

Couple of things I found out:

1. Furnace draws 8 amps after startup, this pulls a whopping 90 amps at 12VDC!
2. This set-up did work but low volatge alarm goes off constantly 11VDC under load
3. 90 amp draw battery will only last about 45 min (about 3 heat cycles)
4. good enough for one night but would need 4 hours of solar to charge

What I learned
1. Scotty we, NEED MORE POWER

2. Plan on adding second group 24 Marine Battery
3. Use 0 AWG or better not four 10 AWG in parallel like in test set-up
4. More Solar!