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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Amateur radio saves lives!

I usually keep my radio on all night just in case, I have battery powered station that charges on solar so electricity is free to run it so I keep it on 24/7.

About 4:30 9/25/2014 from a dead sleep I heard a weak station call for help ” I need help......I'm at 77 Plymouth, Ave and need an ambulance” at first I though I was hearing things, but the station came on again saying “I need help I'm at 77 Plymouth, Ave” cutting in an out of the repeater. I got up and responded and found that the station calling was Mike W1MWC, I found he was diabetic and haven't had medication for three days, he also could not move from his chair. I got his full address and called 911. 911 then transfer me to Andrew at EMS. I explained to Andrew that my friend was in trouble and gave him the address and told him I was in direct radio contact with him.
Andrew also heard Mike on the radio in the background as well and assessed his situation over the radio. Mike was shaking and could not get up from his chair but he had his radio next to him a Baofeng handheld. Andrew instructed me to keep in contact with mike and tell him help was on the way. Andrew dispatched an ambulance and police to Mikes address. In a matter of a few minutes the ambulance was at his address trying to gain entry into mike home, I asked mike if there was anyone there that could let them in, he did not he was alone. The Wareham police got there a short time later and force there way into his home where they found Mike. I kept in contact with Mike until the police got into his home and stood by for any additional traffic.