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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards from China

Just got my boards back from Dirt Cheap Dirty Board, they turned out awesome. But it took exactly 30 days to get to my house from Hong Kong. I think next time I am going with the $33 DHL shipping at 3 to 9 day. Here is the board,

I went with a simple board I first milled out on our T-Tech 5000 at my shop for test. After figuring out what Gerber files I needed I sent it to Dirt Cheap Dirty Board. The holes are 50 thousandths.

Overall the board has some very, very minor cosmetic blemishes, but soldered up nicely and was well within my hole and dimension specification. The plating was very thick and the traces were a bit raised because of the plating. Perfectly fine for my work, I am definitely ordering more project PCB with this company and give our poor mill machine a rest from mass production.    

Changes: The only changes for the next board is hole size 50 thou was a bit bigger than what I needed next time I'll try 30. Very happy customer!