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Friday, December 26, 2014

PCB from China 2

Got a new board from Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards http://dirtypcbs.com/.
here are some snap shots compared to our milled one on the T-Tech Mill

Looks great, again Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards came though with flying colours, this time I shipped DHL Hong Kong and got the boards exactly one week from the board house. Much better than my last order.

Problems to fix next time:

1. There was one via that is shorted that it's not suppose to, but not the board house fault, it is touching in my design, see below for a screen shot. easy fix with an xacto.

2. Forgot to label components on top silk screen

3. Nice thing to do is move buzzer to opposite side of arduino, using top layer. so far all my designs have been single layer.

Things Learned:

1. Board house can silk screen on both sides.

2. If the pads are touching they will follow design exact.

3. Board outline is on outside edge of midlayer, unlike the mill machine that is centred on midlayer, you can see the size difference in the above photo.

4. Board house can make any size under 100mm x 100mm my board is 71.5mm x 57mm exact to design. I though that it would have been 100x100 default.