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Monday, January 26, 2015

Bimpy VER 2

Place Glass Insulators (2) on Crystal Leads

Install 16 Mhz Crystal

Install 28 Pin IC Socket

Install 4 Pin IC Socket 1

Install 4 Pin IC Socket 2

Install 4 Pin IC Socket 3

Install PB Switch

Install Buzzer + Side Down

Install 1000uF Cap + Side Towards Top

Install 22pF Cap

Install 22pF Cap

Install 6 Pin Program Header

Install Jumper above 100uF Cap

Install 160 Ohm Resistor 1

Install 160 Ohm Resistor 2

Install 160 Ohm Resistor 3

Install 160 Ohm Resistor 4

Install 10K Resistor (near pin 1 of IC)

Install .1uF Cap (near pin 1 of IC)

Install Photo Cell

Install 1k Ohm Resistor

Install Atmega328