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Monday, December 5, 2016

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Monday, January 18, 2016

FTDI Cable to Bluetooth HC-05 Programmer

Here is a board that can program the HC-05 Bluetooth Module using AT commands.

All that is needed is a momentary reset switch and a SPST and a resistor. Didn't bother with a PCB because it would be one of a kind to program about (40) BT Modules. With the blimp project we need to rename each module to prevent confusion, Stock name is set for HC-05.

Steps to rename HC-05 Bluetooth Module
Open the Arduino IDE
Setup correct comm port that the FTDI cable is on
Select tools and open Serial Monitor
Set for 38,400 Baud

Set Switch to PROG
Push Reset Switch to place HC-05 Board to AT Command Mode
Type AT
Should reply back OK
Should reply back HC-05
Type AT+NAME=(new name here)
Should reply back (new name here)
Set Switch to RUN
Push Reset

Schematic Coming Soon!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Blimp PCB Test 1

Got the blimp control board up and running heres some pics

The new blimp runs a Arduino, Bluetooth HC-05 and TB6612FNG H bridge, servo not pictured

Things that are missing from the test circuit, IC sockets (2), battery socket. All major components plug into IC sockets for module design.

Bluetooth Phone APP, using MIT app inventor 2

Coming soon!



PCB files

New Camera

Finally got a new camera for the web site, so you should start seeing more posts