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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Scouts in the Sky! May 6 2017 - Plymouth Airport

2017 Scouts in the Sky! May 6 2017 - Plymouth Airport
The goal (or mission) of the camporee is to expose Scouts of all ages, to the world of aviation / aeronautics; from maintenance and flight to weather and air traffic control. If something has to do with aviation, then we hope to have it for the Scouts to enjoy. Patrols will participate in non-competitive activity stations and displays, filled with a wide variety of activities for Scouts to experience, learn from and enjoy. The program will revolve around, but not focus on, merit badges on Saturday. Aviation, Astronomy, Weather, and Radio Stations will be set up within the airport property for each participant to learn about Airplane Instruments, how to Pre-Flight a plane, learn Aerodynamics making Styrofoam Airplanes, build a Model Airplane, learn about Careers in Aviation, and work with a realistic Flight Simulator. A special event will be a free airplane ride provided by local certified volunteer pilots (subject to the weather). We are contacting affiliated organizations such as members of local model airplane clubs, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and the local Civil Air Patrol to request help in this endeavor. We are in the planning stages, but these are the ideas we’re working on! As always, we will need volunteers to help assist with some of these activities. Plus, there will be a need for merit badge counselor volunteers to support the different merit badges.