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Friday, December 22, 2017

Project 12/15/17 50W x 50W Power Amp

The 50WX2 Stereo Power Amplifier. At 50 Watts per channel, the power amp kit costs less than the interconnects on many high end systems. Still, we find that many owners of $5,000+ systems use our kits for their second system. Why? To quote one student, “I put your amp up against my monoblocks…it wasn’t quite as good in some respects…but it was amazing how close it came. BTW, I had a blast putting the kit together!”

Why Build a Kit?

It's fun, relaxing, and educational. Completing a kit provides you with a great feeling of accomplishment, and we make complete kits that make it easy to build great sound. When you add your labor, you get high-end sound for a bargain price. The kits contain everything you need to build great looking, great sounding equipment. They have acclaimed assembly manuals with clear directions that produce first time success for 97% of the builders. Quick support makes the other 3% successful, too. We make great sounding, proven designs backed by knowledgeable support.

A special thanks to: 

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. 
200 Stonewall Blvd., Ste, 4 Wrentham, MA  02093 

They are the company that donated the power supplies for this project.

 AMP and Power Supply

 Close up on PCB

AMP under dynamic testing