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Monday, January 22, 2018

Objet 360 3D Printer Down!

Our new 3-D printer was out of commission today, it gave a pre-print over current error during the start up process. We only have one service call for this machine a year, due to our service contract. So to save money for the school, I would make an attempt to fix the machine before calling it in and using our one and only service call.

After doing a bit of troubleshooting we found that some of the electronics in the head of the 3D printer machine were shorted out due to the dirt and smoke of being produced near the printers machine location. This machine was moved to the Precision Machine Shop / Metal Fab Welding Shop over last summer. I found a thick haze across a lot of the terminals in the printer head, some pics below:

Error Message By the Objet 360

Thick conductive haze inside machine

I took a sample on a white paper and measured 
it with a ohmmeter, it read about 1K ohms per inch

Intake filter after 1 month in new location (PMT)

After school let out, I cleaned up the terminals made sure the machine was level. The machine has been moved several times while inside the PMT shop, and the error has not appeared again. Will update if there is any changes.