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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reverse Engineer of the T-Tech 5000 Milling Machine Part 1

Some of my students found a T-Tech 5000 that was broken and unusable so we decide to fix it. At the same time see how it worked.

Some mechanical issues we had to sort out first:

* Top & Bottom Teflon Lead Screw Missing, We found used ones in storage (lucky)
* # 6, #10 Cap screw missing, Mr J. bought some at HD and replaced
* Lead Screw shaft coupler missing, Found this one at Amazon and ordered it


Electrical Issues:

* Broken Limit Switch, We bent back into place, but it need to be replaced
* Spindle motor disconnected, We Reconnected back
* Missing ROM Memory Chips

Both High and Low EPROMS were missing, we found Ver 5.0 on the web. The EPROMs are 27C1001, 1 Meg 128K x 8,  Speed is 70nS. To erase the PROMs we used a UV led pointed into the PROM window for 10 minutes, this cleared it for programming.

Here are the HEX files V5.0
HIGH ROM - Is located in IC12 (Marked with H)
LOW ROM - Is located in IC13 (Marked with L)

K6T1008C2E 128Kx8 bit Low Power CMOS Static RAM (IC16 and IC17)

Inside the AMC2500 sits a very powerful Freescale MC68332ACFC16. The MC68332, a highly-integrated 32-bit microcontroller, combines high-performance data manipulation capabilities with powerful peripheral subsystems, Data sheet in link below


Below is the mill instructions for students, it's a step by step picture instructions.

Mill Machine Instructions