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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bluetooth Controlled Blimp 2019

Were staring the kick off today with our 10 grade class with the bluetooth controlled blimp. below are some pictures and videos. Each student designs there own blimp structure and they learn the principals of flight.

The heart of the blimp is an Arduino ATMEGA328 on a custom designed board that I designed, along with the Blimp control APP you can find on the google play store, just search n1ir for the app. The app was designed with MIT APP Inventor and sends out a simple text string to control the motors and servos.

This year we got the weight down to 67 grams with the battery and can fly with just one helium filled balloon. This has been our best year yet, four years ago we started with four balloons, but with constant redesigns we trimmed the fat. We have also changed the material used in our Bi-Polymer Objet260 3-D printer to a lighter stronger materiel.

Rescue of a stuck blimp

Flying around before the competition

 3D printed chassis
 Solid Works, chassis design
Epilog Laser Cutter M2, cutting chassis paper on foam

 Team work!
Laser Cut Wood Chassis design