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About me

About me...

What can I say I love electronic engineering. I'm very enthusiastic about projects and build stuff for work and home. I always love to solve technical problems, I think it's the best way to learn. N1IR is my amateur radio call sign but everyone calls me Mr J. I have a wonderful job teaching electronics engineering in a vocational school, a lot of the projects I do design are targeted for the student. I do occasional accept contract work, but I really prefer just working down in my basement lab on some of my projects. I'm also an avid do it yourself'er. I fix my own cars, remodeling kitchens, pluming, electrical, carpentry. Some of my hobbies included but not limited to amateur radio, flying (student private pilot) and camping.

Photos below:
Me working on the brake system of our travel trailer.

My little mechanic, my older son. Start them young, he has started working with me and my projects a year younger than I did with my dad. Very mechanically inclined can identify most common hand tools and can solder. Age 7

My little engineer, my youngest son. Impressive knowledge of electronics and electrical items. Age 5
                                                          First day of school

And of course my wife, who put up with all my crazy ideas and lets me do my hobbies. Love you hun :)

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