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GARS Corner

Welcome to the GARS corner. This page is to support the the (GARS) Genesis Amateur Radio Society and any and all amateur radio operators. Listed below are some educational material we use in GARS. Feel free to download copy use any material on this page.

Introduction to CHIRP, programming cheap Chinese radios. Held at Plymouth Airport 4/27/2015
Link to Class Lecture Slides

General Class Held at Plymouth Airport 11/2013
Class Lecture Slides
G1 - Commission’s Rules PPT
G2 - Operating Procedures PPT
G3 - Radio Wave Propagation PPT
G4 - Amateur Radio Practices PPT
G5 - Electrical Principles PPT
G6 - Circuit Componets PPT
G7 - Practical Circuits PPT
G8 - Signals and Emissions PPT
G9 - Antennas PPT

G0 - Electrical and RF Safety PPT

Introduction to Arduino Microcontrollers Power Point Slides. Held at Plymouth Airport May 28,2012
Arduino Micro Slides

WD8LQV Learning Morse Code Podcast MP3's
Morse Code Podcast Letters EISH Lesson 1
Morse Code Podcast Letters TMO Lesson 2
Morse Code Podcast Letters NDB Lesson 3
Morse Code Podcast Letters GZ Lesson 4
Morse Code Podcast Letters KCY Lesson 5
Morse Code Podcast Letters AWJ Lesson 6
Morse Code Podcast Letters RL Lesson 7
Morse Code Podcast Letters UF Lesson 8
Morse Code Podcast Letters PQX Lesson 9
Morse Code Podcast  Letters V09 Lesson 10

Introduction to Contesting Power Point Slides. Held at Plymouth Airport October 25,2011 
Contesting Power Point Slides (left click to open)

General Class Materials
General Class Power Point Slides (left click to open)
General Class Study Guide (left click to open)

Anderson Power Pole and PL-259 Connector Class Held at Plymouth Airport on July 25, 2011
Connector Slide PPT (left click To open)

Soldering Class held at Plymouth Airport on February 28, 2011
Soldering Handout
(left click to open)
Soldering is Easy Comic Book (left click to open)

    Technician Class Power Point Slides (left click to open)

    N3FJP Field Day Contest Log Tutorial Videos